How To Advertise Your Gift Shop

Gilbert : May 2, 2013 11:27 am : Recent

Advertisement is very important to a business. Your gift shop will definitely need some advertisement especially when you begin. Advertisement helps you to showcase what you offer. Today methods of advertising have greatly increased as technology knocks at our door every day. I like to think that every business has its best and worst ways of selling. So, a gift shop is a unique venture. The following are good methods you can make your gift shop marketable.

Social Media

This is the closest platform that you will get to advertise you products for free. All you need is to open a Facebook account and post your business on your wall. You do not even need to use your name, just use your businesses’ name. Remember to put your contacts in you accounts so that customers can easily get to you.


Talk to clients through blogs. This is a cool way of inviting and sharing with people about you businesses. Have people close by letting them share with you their comments, ideas and advice.

Open a Website

A website is the best way to do this at least according to me. Here you will have a chance to upload as many picture of your products as possible. Again, unlike social media like Facebook and Twitter where there are restrictions on what to do and what not to do. You are free to anything you please with and in your website.

Worship Places

You realize that a gift shop is one of those social ventures where you sell from the heart because almost everybody loves gifts. Whatever religion you follow, you will always be close with your fellow worshipers and this is a good opportunity to tell the congregation as you chart outside about your business. You can even distribute catalogs.

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Online Gift Shop – Doing it Right

Gilbert : May 2, 2013 10:51 am : Recent

The world has indeed become a global market. With advancement in technology that has initiated people from all walks of life into onto easier ways of communication, business has even become better.

The internet is one of the best technological tools that the world has ever had. It is through this subway that businesses thrive. Online shopping has become the order of the day; in fact it is at the edge of beating physical buying and general transactions. My interest today is on gift shops and the internet. Can a gift shop succeed online? My answer is a fat YES! Here are some tips on how you can make it big online with a gift shop:

Create an effective website for you shop

This is the in thing where you can meet your customers and have a chance to showcase you products. A website will also enable you to expand and diversify your target market because you will not only sell to your local people but a larger market. Create a simple but effective website that will not irritate customers because of ugly graphics and tasteless background music.

Start a Blog

This is an interactive way of selling and winning the confidence and loyalty of your customers. Make sure you engage them in your blog by giving them a platform and opportunity for them to comment on your products. Some customers are courteous enough to be frank about your products and can even give you some business advice.

Advertise on Social Media

Social media seem to be occupying considerable amount of time of people of all class, needs and aspirations. Advertising on these sites is a cool idea. Let your friend get to know you mean business and you are serious enough to sell. Facebook and Twitter are the best sites for gift shops.

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What to sell ina Gift Shop Outside a Church

Gilbert : April 23, 2013 2:10 pm : Recent

Locations where there are religious institutions are good places to open gift shops. This is partly because of the big number of people who come to pray in such places. The church being one of these institutions, you can run a very good shop outside a church. However, this will depend on the kind of goods that you decide to sell in that shop. You will fail miserably if you sell cups and mugs in that shop. The following are some of the gifts that can do well in a gift shop outside a church:


Books are noble. Believers appreciate books especially when they are religious books. Bible and other bible based literature drawn from bible stories are good for a novelty shop around a church. Aim at the children and offer other stationery like color books, creative and beautiful note books and mark pens. Hymn books are also good for gifts.


Jewelry is very emotive. They are personal and believers would deem it good to offer them to fellow believers. In the Roman Catholic where beads are useful in prayers, beads would be very well received.


Religious people are known to be the most practitioners of meditation and since candle are used for meditation, they can be offered as gifts. It would be good therefore to have them nicely packed in a gift shop. Sometimes they are used for other religious rituals like praying, religious festivals like Christmas and baptism.

Church Signs

Churches and Christians have coded meanings that are embodied in signs to represent something. For example “the cross” is a good sign that represents the Lord Jesus.

Prayer Cards

Some Christian denominations use prayer cards when praying and sometimes written prayers that are to be recited. You should therefore have them in a gift shop.

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What to Stock in a Gift Shop for Children

Gilbert : April 23, 2013 1:37 pm : Recent

Kids get excited by gifts. You will get home in the evening and the first thing after a hug, they will ask for what you have brought them or peruse through your bag to check for whatever you bought them. This is a typical child. This behavior of children has opened an opportunities for many business people, who will always make your child nag you whenever you pass through that shop. If you wish to be that owner of a gift shop, then these are some gift that you should never miss in your gift shop.

Stuffed animals

This is the commonest gift that kids especially girls will fancy. These are basically woolen dolls that have been staffed with some clothes or cotton. They come in different shape and sizes mostly aping some animal. The most loved animal in this category is the bear. They are generally large and act as good companion for kids when sleeping.

Toys and Games

Boys are notorious for loving toys and games especially cars. Stock you gift shop with variety of games and toys. Vary the size, color and the gifts themselves. The best that can fit in this category are color books, puzzles, electronic games and kites.


Most kids love balloons. Some are made in the shape of some animals and come in different colors and shape. You can add to this creativity by finding a way to make the kids happier like writing the name of the kid on the balloon or presenting the balloon with a card. This can be done on special offers and during holidays.


Children like to imitate their role model and also to look good. It is important that you have earrings, beads, watches, bangles and wrist and hair bands. Make them as colorful and creative as possible bearing in mind that children love colored gifts.

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Best Locations For a Novelty Shop

Gilbert : March 20, 2013 5:26 am : Recent

For a business to thrive, there are certain factors that a business person must have to consider even before getting into a business. Once a business idea hits the brain, the next probable thing that people think of is the location of the business. Novelty shop is no exception, since they deal with gifts, then there must be a lot of people in contact with the shop. This has to be an area that is accessible.
Here are some of the considerations when looking for a location for your gift Shop.

Aim At tourists

Because of cultural and geographical differences between tourist and natives of a certain place, It is likely that tourists will be curious of the things that they see in other lands. Setting up a gift shop near air ports and hotels is a cool idea. In national parks or game reserves, tourists are likely to be there. Whenever tourists are your target. Do not offer very familiar things like mugs, coffee cups and places. Go for things that are emotive and have cultural value. For example, jewelry, carvings, clothes and shoes this will give them a feel of association and attachment to the local people.

The older community

It is natural that the older community is likely to fall sick and to be hospitalized. With this in mind, you can decide to sell flowers as gift and condolences. Funerals and Wakes are also very common to such places. Therefore, candles and flowers would work best for you. You can also extend to the nearby hospital and set up a flower shop for those who are admitted there.

Public Art Galleries

In these museums, there are mixture of tourists and local people who are attracted to the pieces of art. Remember that your aim is to find places with people.

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