Novelties and Their Categories

December 21st, 2012Posted by Gilbert

NOVELTY SHOP It is often said that it is happier to give than to receive. This statement has some degree of truth in it. The practice of giving gifts is an old one that can be traced in different religious books. During festive seasons like Christmas and New Year gift shops are full of customers. more »

Gift Shop

December 7th, 2012Posted by Gilbert

GIFT SHOP Gifts are part of our lives, the reason for giving and receiving gifts is founded on the fact that human beings are social beings. Gifts are given for various reasons, like strengthening a relationship or creating one, apology or as a sign of appreciation. However, this does not mean that there is no more »

Novelty store

April 10th, 2012Posted by Nathanael

Novelty stores are usually shops which usually sell gift accessories and other miscellaneous products. Some of the novelty toys also create practical jokes. An example of such novelty toys is exploding cigars, handshake buzzer, flowers which squirt water etc. Novelty stores usually sell gift items which are neatly priced to fit into a buyer’s pocket. more »

Opening a gift shop: helping people and making tremendous profits

March 31st, 2012Posted by Nathanael

For over thousands years, gifts have been the tokens of feelings and emotions to the peoples of this planet. A gift is given to someone whom we love or to the people we do respect and care about. Giving gifts is one of the oldest and biggest traditions in the all sections of society and more »