What to sell ina Gift Shop Outside a Church

Locations where there are religious institutions are good places to open gift shops. This is partly because of the big number of people who come to pray in such places. The church being one of these institutions, you can run a very good shop outside a church. However, this will depend on the kind of goods that you decide to sell in that shop. You will fail miserably if you sell cups and mugs in that shop. The following are some of the gifts that can do well in a gift shop outside a church:


Books are noble. Believers appreciate books especially when they are religious books. Bible and other bible based literature drawn from bible stories are good for a novelty shop around a church. Aim at the children and offer other stationery like color books, creative and beautiful note books and mark pens. Hymn books are also good for gifts.


Jewelry is very emotive. They are personal and believers would deem it good to offer them to fellow believers. In the Roman Catholic where beads are useful in prayers, beads would be very well received.


Religious people are known to be the most practitioners of meditation and since candle are used for meditation, they can be offered as gifts. It would be good therefore to have them nicely packed in a gift shop. Sometimes they are used for other religious rituals like praying, religious festivals like Christmas and baptism.

Church Signs

Churches and Christians have coded meanings that are embodied in signs to represent something. For example “the cross” is a good sign that represents the Lord Jesus.

Prayer Cards

Some Christian denominations use prayer cards when praying and sometimes written prayers that are to be recited. You should therefore have them in a gift shop.

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